Designed For High Expectations


VINNO G65 has been designed for high expectations to deliver superior image quality in an affordable premium series. In order to achieve this goal, we provide all users the ideal model that inherits sophisticated image processing technologies and smart solution design from the VLucid platform, which will deliver exquisite image quality, advanced intellectual tools (Al) and efficient workflow for a wide range of applications.


  • Excellent penetration

    Featuring high-performance hardware architecture,G65 delivers the extraordinary image quality with great clarity, superior consistency and excellent penetration

  • Superior resolution

    up to 25MHz high resolution system capability, adding more than 30% of wide band frequencies to improve resolution and sensitivity for better diagnosis

  • Sophisticated blood flow sensitivity

    The increased color Doppler processing helps to provide more diagnostic confidence with improved blood flow detection and enhanced color performance

  • VLuminous Flow

    An innovative color flow technology which enhances blood flow visualization and provide an impression of 3D-like flow display


Shear wave Elastography (VShear)

A non-invasive method to detect the velocity of the shear-waves propagated through the targeted area and provide quantitative tissue characteristic information

  • Contrast imaging

    The ultrasound contrast agent resonates for the low pressure (MI) ultrasound,thereby enhances the micro-vascular signal with superior spatial resolution.The observed tissue perfusion and its enhancement characteristics are useful in quantitative lesion differentiation.

  • Automatic Measurement of Arterial Stiffness(AMAS)

    AMAS, an automatic tool for cf Pulse Wave Velocity calculation, which is an effective indicator for evaluating arterial stiffness and assessment of early arteriosclerosis

  • Strain imaging

    Strain imaging describes as strain curve the underlying myocardial region abnormality, either in the same or various images, which can better reflect the strength of local myocardial deformation during systole and diastole, thus reflecting the motion abnormality during the cardiac cycle


Hysterosalpingography (HSG)

ultrasound 3D imaging combined with microbubble contrast technology (CBI),providing structure visualization of fallopian tubes in three dimensional imaging.

  • Free view

    Free view obtains any plane from a 3D or 4D volume by simply drawing a line or curve through a structure.This technology enables views of even irregular shaped structures not attainable in 2D imaging

  • HQ Silhouette

    3D/4D Silhouette provides a unique transparent volume image for a more comprehensive internal and external view of the anatomy, thereby enabling intuitive diagnosis with real-time 3D images and enriching patient communication.

  • STIC

    The high resolution acquisition of fetal cardiac volume data, helps to detect morphological anomolies by displaying multiple slices of multiple planes.


VAid (VINNO Artificial lntelligent Detection)

VAid is an Al powered, innovative tool in detecting breast lesions based on the Bl_RADS category. Only one touch with 'VAid' , it can automatically define the lesion boundaries and show the complete analysis results of the lesions, also the results can be inserted in the report page

  • VAim Follicle

    An advanced tool for follicle calculation, which can automatically identify follicles on a given 2D image, draw its boundary with different colors and measures its volume for a rapid assessment, dedicated for women's reproductive healthcare.

  • VAim Hip

    Automatically mark the a and 3 angle and provide Graf international classification,which is an effective solution for observing the development of neonatal hip joints



Artificial intelligent technologies for fetal biometric measurement and growth analysis, user can activate the measurement items (BPD, OFD, HC, AC, FL,HL)and get the results with one simple touch, which is dedicated to simplify the obstetric ultrasound examinations and improve measurement accuracy.

VAim Ant. Pelvic and VAim Levator Ani

An artificial intelligent technology for pelvic measurement, VAim Levator Ani and Ant.Pelvic, providing pelvic measurement results with one touch, which enable users to assess pelvic structure for postpartum women in an easy and accurate way.

  • VAim Ant.Pelvic in 2D
  • VAim Levator Ani in 3D


  • Background transfer

    Archive supports back ground export without interrupting the actual scan

  • Finger-draw comments

    Support to use finger to draw comment in free style, which is very helpful for remote diagnosis or online training

  • VReport

    As a customer-centric tool,VReport allows users to define and import the report template,and then the system will auto generate related measurement items based on the imported template, which can greatly improve the work efficiency